Fast track your newest drug compound or nucleic acid target to the clinic by working with RALA to enhance in vitro and subsequent in vivo performance.  
Formulate your original lead compound into a tissue-specific or cell-targeting drug delivery system. With proven cellular entry, move quickly to valuable research, leading to more informed in vivo studies. 
Eliminate the headaches of complex, hit-or-miss chemical modifications or drug delivery formulation that can often lead to off-target effects or issues with scalability of your drug formulation.
Better yet, get the most out of your compound by delivering it to sites once thought not possible. pHion's RALA drug delivery system is the first system with an ability to concentrate nucleic acids and other anionic compounds into tumours or other specific organs.
As a consequence of therapeutic concentration at a preferred site, pHion can limit potential toxicity and off-target effects often seen in healthy tissue using other drug delivery methods.
And let's not forget the added benefit of increasing circulatory half-life as well as protection of your therapeutic compound until it is able to reach the intended target site inside of a cell.

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