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The project aims to:(i) allow pHion to deliver against current market demand for pHion’s RALA drug delivery technology in our initial target market for nucleic acid (NA) therapeutics (DNA and RNA based

drugs) in the field of oncology; and (ii) assist pHion in developing our in-house service and manufacturing capabilities. Professor Helen McCarthy, CEO of pHion Therapeutics, commented: “We’re excited to embark on this project that will assist pHion with delivering against the incredible market demand we have seen for our RALA drug delivery technology and formulation services. We are extremely grateful to Invest NI, who are supporting our ongoing efforts to establish pHion as a global leader in precise and efficient drug delivery for anionic cargo using our RALA peptide-based nanoparticle.” pHion has developed a patented platform drug delivery technology termed RALA that can be used to deliver anionic compounds and oligonucleotide based therapeutic compounds in a targeted fashion in vivo.

If you would like to know more about pHion’s RALA technology, formulation services and how pHion Therapeutics can help you get the most out of your drug technology please get in touch

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