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Fast track your newest drug compound or nucleic acid target to the clinic by working with RALA to enhance in vitro and subsequent in vivo performance.
Let us take care of the formulation of RALA nanoparticles for you, allowing you to focus entirely on the analysis of your newly created drug delivery system that will be more bioavailable and efficacious than ever before.
Our high-skilled and expert formulation team offers design advice and optimisation of formulations for getting the most out of your drug, overcoming difficult formulation challenges in a rapid and cost-effective manner. 
Send us your anionic cargo, and we will return it to you combined with the RALA system in lyophilised drug product dosage form at doses chosen by you. Prior to leaving pHion Therapeutics, your nanoparticles will pass in-house quality control measures to ensure maximum functionality and the required physiochemical characteristics for increased cellular uptake and effectiveness. To use the drug at this stage it's one simple step of  reconstituting the lyophilised RALA nanoparticles.
Pre-made, lyophilised RALA nanoparticles will be supplied in vials with air-tight stoppers to increase the shelf life of your product and to maintain functionality until required for use.
Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our services and how pHion Therapeutics can help you get the most out of your drug technology, and let's work together.

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